Friday, November 1, 1996

Bunny Award: List of Things I Hate

This was my first published writing. It was a letter to the editor of Wizard magazine, a magazine about comic books. Apparently the editor liked it so much he made it the letter of the month, and thus the Bunny Award.

The Letter reads:

Dear Wizard,
This is a list of things I hate: Everything on MTV except the music videos, stupid comic fans who have no life, people who think that the X-Men is 'fantasy' (try Stephen King's Dark Tower saga if you want real fantasy), turning Venom into a good guy, Trekkies and the Iron Man vs. X-Men debate. Oh, yeah- that that 'Champagne Supernova song.'"

The editors response:

"Y'know, we did something kind of like this at my old job. Everyone would post Lists of Love on one wall and we'd post our Lists of Hate on the opposite wall. Every year on January 1, we'd tear down the old lists and put new ones up. It was a nice was to get some anger out in a socially acceptable way, and we all got a good laugh at the same time. Personally, I hate everything on MTV including music videos, but I love stupid comic fans who have no life. THey keep me in business. And yes, 'Champagne Supernova' sucks serious sour frog-ass. If I hear one more person compare Oasis to The Beatles, I'm gonna hit them in the mouth with a hocky stick. So, any Lists of Love out there?"

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