Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Purpose of this Blog

You might have noticed that I have redesigned this blog. I have made it three columns instead of two. I think this warrants an explanation of my current thoughts on the purpose and direction of the Infamous Scribbler Blog.

I am not interested in reposting other people's content. I am interested in creating original news and analysis. Often my view is not represented in the media. Even liberal commentators don't posses my political scientist perspective, and the theoretical understanding to back up their positions on the issues.

When it comes to news, I want to report on items that I have first hand experience of. Don't expect me to repost stories, unless I have significant commentary about them.

I want this site to be a central spot for my writings, pictures and videos throughout the years. My views often change over the years. It happens as you learn more, and gain different perspectives. What hasn't changed is my radical left wing perspective. Now by radical I mean in the original latin sense, which means root. I like to find the root issues and root causes of conflicts. I feel like many issues are analyzed in a superficial way. I am not interested in the superficial.

I will post some media reviews, but with a political perspective. I like analyzing the political and social aspects of movies and music. I am a fan of heavy metal, punk rock, and all kinds of political music, folk, hip-hop, etc.

You will not find me blogging about the minutiae of my day, or about my sex life. Celebrity gossip is not something you will find here, and I hold little interest in sports. I do have an interest in computers and the politics of technology, particularly linux and other open source software.

I have other social media sites, such as facebook, myspace, twitter, etc. I use those to keep in touch with friends and bands, but I want this to be my main site for sharing my original content.

I don't expect people to agree with everything I say, and I look forward to hosting engaging and thought provoking conversations about our disagreements. If anyone disputes the accuracy of any facts on this site, please send me an e-mail or post a comment and I will take a look at the factoid and determine if a correction needs to be made or not. I take my journalist responsibility to tell the facts very seriously. I also take my responsibility to tell the proper context of the facts very seriously.

I do have a google ads account, and a google shopping cart for donations. If you enjoy the content I provide, think about making a donation so I can buy things such as digital cameras, video cameras, and maybe devote more time to this blog. I will not change my content to please advertisers though. It's an issue of integrity, journalists and bloggers should not be at the mercy of the market, but should share information with the people to help them make educated decisions about thier lives. Bloggers should play a part in creating community and building a grassroots democratic movement for justice.

I wouldn't mind making a few dollars from this site, but I'm not holding my breath. There are far to many pinko commies stealing online content and not paying for it. And I'm one of them.

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