Sunday, June 7, 2009

Thoughts on Conservative Linguistics

Have you ever thought about how absurd certain conservative phrases are? Consider 'Reverse Racism.' Many conservatives rail against a perceived bias against white people which they call 'Reverse Racism.' This is an odd title for something they intend to smear and associate with racism. Because, really, lets' think about this, what's the reverse of racism? Anti-Racism. Maybe if the conservatives could spell out a complete sentence they could argue that 'affirmative action is racism that reverses the victim.' Except that their speaking abilities are about as thorough as their analysis of the issue is.

The same thing applies to conservatives use of the phrase 'Politically Correct.' They continually assert how much that want to be 'Politically Incorrect,' that political correctness stifles their views and prevents them from voicing their opinion. This is odd to me. I would assume one wants to be correct about things. Could you imagine a reporter who reports a story, and insists on being 'Journalistically Incorrect' because 'Journalistic Correctness' prevents him from reporting the story the way he wanted to? It's absurd.

There are facts in politics, and one should strive to be correct about those facts. If these conservatives wanted to argue that what many consider politically correct was actually not correct, and then if these conservatives outlined what they considered to be politically correct, that would at least follow a linguistic logic, even if the conservatives views continued to be incorrect, false and factually inaccurate.

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