Thursday, July 1, 1999

Graffitti Cameo in Transmetropolitan # 23

Transmetropolitan was a cool DC comic series written by Warren Ellis and penciled by Darick Robertson. The series followed Spider Jerusalem, s Hunter S. Thompson-esque journalist, in a bizarre future world. Jerusalem would do weird drugs and expose political corruption. The series has become a bit of a classic, with the trade paperbacks continually in print.

During the series run, both Ellis and Robertson were active in the online message boards for the comic. Robertson would often work online screen names into the comic as street graffitti tags. In almost every issue, "Free Steve Chung" was written in on a sidewalk. Steve Chung wrote so many letters to the creators, that they figured he must be chained up somewhere writing these letters.

At the time, I used an e-mail address for a band I liked, Filter, and would close e-mails with a qoute from one of the bands songs, "Hey Man Nice Shot." In issue #23, Robertson worked my screenname into the comic. Very cool.

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