Sunday, October 16, 2005

Breaking News on SGA


Thompson Implies Grounds for Impeachment

Against Torres on Ridiculous Charges

Torres Fed Up with Intimidation,

Resigns Vice-Presidency

SGA President Exiles Dissident Leader

In the time since the above article was written major developments have occurred in DePaul’s Student Government. The rumors of attempts to get rid of Progressive Vice-President Cyndi Torres have been feuled. In an E-Mail that President Wes Thompson sent to a former Senator of Student Government, he complains that Torres has not been attending cabinet meetings and that missing meetings is grounds for impeachment. Despite the fact that Thompson’s appointed assistant, Ben Thrutchley, has been in Washington DC all summer sucking up to politicians, and unable to perform duties as an appointed cabinet member. Thompson has made no comments regarding attempts to impeach Thrutchley. The difference apparently being that Thrutchley is a DePaul Democrat and loyal to the two-party system and Thompson while Torres is an anti-war, pro-queer upstart.

This came after several summer meetings where, according to Torres, members of the cabinet that Thompson picked, were consistently rude to her, undercut her ideas, and derided her attempts to bring new voices into student government.

Citing her frustration to accomplish anything of value in Student Government, she officially resigned Sunday the 18th of September, and was replaced by Democrat Matt Tweed Thornton.

In a separate incident, at the Involvement Fair on Sunday the 11th of September, a three year SGA member and former candidate who is currently not enrolled due to scholarship technicalities was forced off of the DePaul Student Government table. However, because this student was associated with the progressives of SGA, security was called to escort this student off the SGA table and he was initially threatened to be kicked out of the fair all together. It is unclear at this moment which SGA official called security, although Thompson took responsibility, and it is clear that security was called before anyone from SGA approached the student and asked him to leave. After the student shared some coarse words with Thompson, the SGA President, without warning, had security permanently kick him out of the Student Center at threat of arrest. President Wes Thompson defended the action saying that he had to maintain the integrity of his organization, and that he had the right to kick a former student off campus grounds because he didn’t like the individual. One witness contends that Thompson lied to Public Safety claiming that he had requested the individual leave before going to security.

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