Friday, October 27, 2006

Uprise Tour at DePaul

Thursday October 26, 2006 featured the Uprise Counter Recruitment Tour making it's stop at DePaul. The tour has been raising awareness about how wrong the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are and attempting to prevent youth from signing up to serve in the military. Featuring Iraq and Afghan Veterans Against the War, Riot Folk performer Ryan Harvey, Hip Hop artist Son of Nun rappers Head-Roc and Noyeek and Tom Morello, the Nightwatchman. Morello was also the guitarist for Rage Against the Machine and is the guitarist for Audioslave.

The concert was a big event, with close to 200 people watching the show and more walking through the student center seeing it. According to one of the members of the tour, this was the biggest show they had on the tour. Students danced and learned about how the military uses dirty tricks to recruit for it's immoral wars.

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