Tuesday, November 7, 2006

You Hate Me

In a December 18, 2006 commentary column in the Chicago Sun Times, Juan Andrade Jr. takes Democratic senators to task for their vote in favor of building a wall on the Mexican border. Obama, Hillary, all of them, scum-fucks who decided to build a Berlin style wall to divide us from our Mexican brothers and sisters. The US steals 1/2 of Mexico, forces free trade agreements down it's throat to steal more, builds sweatshops across the border, has immigrants work in sweatshops here, forces GMO food at subsidized prices into Mexico, flooding the market with below cost foods, bankrupting Mexican family farmers), and yet somehow the US needs protection from immigrants?

Well actually the capitalists do. Don't want any of those immigrant radicals who support the legacy of Zapata to cause trouble. In fact the fastest growing sector of the union movement is immigrants. It shows the maturity of the US labor movement that it's no longer seeking to pit it's "American" workers against immigrants in a mad scramble for scraps from the capitalist table, (the Lou Dobbs evil scum-fuck position) but is instead seeking to unite with immigrants, build up mass density of unions, strike at the heart of capitalism and demand the whole goddamn table.

So back to Obama. Everybody loves him. It's disgusting to watch people throw out their values, in the rush to fawn over him like he was the second coming of Christ. The only reason any of you like him is because he won his election in such a landslide- only because the republicans couldn't run a candidate remotely appealing to their base. So we have Obama, who everyone loves, even if they don't know his actual position on things.

Like his "comprehensive immigration reform?" Build a wall on the border- and assimilate Latinos- force them to learn English, force them to forget their culture. (Which BTW, why is America so stupid? In Europe, by the time you graduate high school, you know like 3 languages. In America, you have people demanding one language. What is their IQ- 15?)

Or what about Obama's statements about Iran and Pakistan during the election- that he would support unilateral, pre-emptive missile strikes against them if there were Islamic fundamentalists with nuclear weapons and threatening to use them? Well Barak, lets talk about the US, which has nuclear weapons, is in control by Christian fundamentalists, who routinely threaten to use them against other countries. Lets talk about bombing Washington DC. Oh but you don't want to go there, now do you?

But it's not just Obama that is seen as somehow more liberal than he actually is, a cursory glance shows that Hillary Clinton, another front runner for the position of mass-murderer-in-chief, is in complete support of the war. She's called for "new leadership" of the war, but not to end the war, but to carry it out better, to kill Iraqi's better, to implement a puppet government in Iraq better. Cindy Sheehan has made Hillary one of her number one targets, which is good. It'll expose her for the capitalist that she is.

But here's the thing- all of my good liberal friends- you all hate me. Or at least you will. Because come November, when these people, or people very similar to them, run for office, I will be out there opposing the whole process and them with it. And even though I stood with you through thick-and-thin, even though I fought against the right-wing with you, defended you when no one else would, put my body and physical safety in harms way to defend the values and freedoms we cherish--

You will Betray Me.

You will plead with me to support Obama, you'll say he's better than so-and-so, you'll say I’m going to split the vote, you might even go as far to say that if he were a white candidate and Hilary a man, that I would support them and that this shows what a racist/sexist I am (even though I have consistently opposed ALL democrats as being pro-capitalist, anti-gay, racist, sexist, etc, etc--- if anything I have a weak spot for certain progressive black candidates like Harold Washington, Cynthia McKinney)

You will stop coming to the protests I organize, you will not return my calls. You will not call me about your parties, and you will not talk to me when we pass in the hallway, and you will not sign the petition at our table.

Then lets say they actually win, for the next four years, no matter what horrors they inflict on humanity, you will be their public apologist. Always spinning their lies into something other liberals will believe and buy into. "Israel is the middle easts only democracy" you'll say, and I’m sure the Palestinians impacted by Israeli Apartheid and occupation will feel the same way (which by the way, they used the same phrase to describe South Africa)

Senate leader Harry Reid just came out in support of sending MORE troops to Iraq. Is that what you voted for? More of our sons and daughters to die fighting for oil and empire and wage-slavery? More military strength to a regime which bans trade unions and forces Iraqi's to use GMO crops and which forces women to dress a certain way?

Of course that's what you voted for, because you don't have the courage to stand up to these assholes. Prove me wrong.

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