Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Complete Muchowski Vs. Horowitz

Here are all the links to the debates between Conservative activist David Horowitz and myself.

The Original Confrontation
Horowitz spoke at DePaul and during the Q & A, I stepped up to the plate. Watch the video here.

A Brief History of Free Speech at DePaul.
My full letter to Horowitz, which the Il. AAUP published.

Radio Islam Interview.
Shortly after Horrowitz spoke at DePaul I appeared on Radio Islam to discuss the appearance.

Horowitz's Reply
Horowitz responded, and the Il. AAUP published his response.

My First Brief Response
I was writing a long response, but I wanted to dispute Horowitz's claims quickly.

My Response to Horowitz
My full response to Horowitz, which the Il. AAUP published.

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