Sunday, December 7, 2008

17th Annual People's Thanksgiving

I attended the Freedom Road Socialist Organization's annual People's Thanksgiving fund-raiser for Fight Back! Newspaper. Every year they give out awards to freedom fighters. Among this years honorees, were The Coalition to March on the RNC which included Comité Anti-Militarización; Neighbors for Peace - Evanston; Palestine Solidarity Group; Southside Together Organized for Power; and Teamsters Local 743. Also honored was Tom Wilson with Access Living and ADAPT, disabled persons rights groups. Sonja Santiago, a former guard at Guatanamo and member of Iraq Veterans Against the War also spoke. One of the very exciting parts of the dinner was when Armando Robles of the Republic Window and Door Factory Workers Occupation spoke. The crowd received Robles very enthusiastically. They passed the hat and 80% of the $1,500 raised went to the occupation.

The crowd.

Sector Latino from the Chicago Fire Soccer games.

Tom Wilson from ADAPT

Sonja Santiago from IVAW.

Richard Berg of Teamsters 743.

Armando Robles of the Republic glass factory occupation

Thats What She Said.

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