Saturday, January 3, 2009

Rally in Chicago Against Israel's Bombing Palestine

Israel is bombing Gaza again. In Chicago, thousands came out to protest Israel's actions, and the US government's complicity in sending arms to Israel. The bombing began Saturday December 27, 2008, and the next day, Sunday December 28, there was a decent sized rally at the Water Tower Place on Michigan Ave. Thanks to the internet and social networking sites, a large number of people were able to make it. However there was another rally on Friday January 2, 2009. This was the largest pro-Palestine demonstration in Chicago I can remember. We rallied in Tribune Plaza before marching down Michigan Ave. to rally outside of the Israeli consulate. One of the speakers, Hatem Abudayyeh, commented that the director of the consulate was on CNN denouncing the rally, to which Abudayyeh replied that it is Israeli war crimes which should be condemmed, not this rally.

Members of the Gay Liberation Network show their support for Palestine.


  1. Are you by any chance aware of the fact that firing unguided missles into civilian population areas bereft of military targets is a war crime?

  2. And are you aware that occupying a country, placing an embargo on them, building a wall around them, etc are war crimes? This is not a chicken or the egg type of question, Christians, Muslims, Jews and all kinds of people lived together in Palestine for years, until somebody decided to create a state there that would discriminate against all those who did not share the national faith and national ethnicity.


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