Saturday, November 22, 2008

More Thoughts on Obama.

My views on Barack Obama have changed. I was a critic from the Left. I saw Obama the centerist and was frustrated that he was not further to the Left. I still a a critic of his, and frustrated that he is not further to the Left. However, I have been impressed by a number of things about Obama. You could say that I have gone from a more ultra-left Anarchist type position to a supporter of the Progressives (Critically) for Obama camp.

I have been impressed by Obama's judgment on a number of key issues. At a time when many Democrats were rushing to prove how macho and pro-war they were, Obama spoke out against the Iraq war and the bill that Congress passed authorizing it.

I am also a fan of “No Drama Obama.” When the economic crises hit, Obama stayed cool and didn't freak out. His demeanor is smooth, he is calm, collected and rational with everything he does. He isn't going to make a knee jerk decision, he is going to think it out.

I still have my policy differences with him for example he is to the right of me on the war in Afghanistan, the Wall Street bailout, and gay marriage. However, I think Obama might have a point about disagreeing without being disagreeable. While I have been disagreeable in describing Obama in the past, in a previous article I cussed him out for his mediocre immigration policies, I think Obama is someone that progressives can work with to push progressive change on a range of issues.

Although one might argue that nothing is more disagreeable, unpleasant, and violently offensive than war and Obama is still talking about increasing the war in Afghanistan, even over the border into Pakistan.

Ultimately though, I feel like what's more important than Obama's positions on the issues, is the movement around Obama. When Obama defeated Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary, he addressed his campaign staff. He told them that when he began his campaign, he wasn't sure he was the best candidate for President, what he thought he could do though, was to build the best campaign. Obama may not be as left as we would like, but we can push him further to the left.

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